Google Webmaster Conference Mountain View 2019 Recap

Google provided rare access to its Search product managers for a small group of webmasters and search engine optimizers in Mountain View, CA. This is a collection of highlights from the event.

On November 4th, 2019, Google hosted a webmaster conference for a small group of SEOs and webmasters and was emceed by Danny Sullivan (aka Google’s Search Liaison). The event was used as an opportunity to share what Google has been working on, and to get feedback from people who regularly use Google Search Console (GSC) and optimize their sites for Google Search.

There weren’t any huge revelations, but there were several topics that were presented or discussed that offered a glimpse into how Google approaches search. Some of the presentations also confirmed specific theories related to how Google handles different kinds of page analyses, like de-duplication and JavaScript rendering.

The following is a compilation of the most important topics discussed at the conference.

  1. Google Search lives in a mobile world
  2. Structured data isn’t just for rich results
  3. CrUX is a bigger deal than you think
  4. De-Duplication signal priorities and the importance of disambiguation
  5. JavaScript can adversely affect rendering and indexing
  6. Paul Haahr provides insights into how Google approaches Search

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