How to protect WordPress with Cloudflare’s Firewall

The popularity of WordPress has made it a frequent target for spammers and hackers. WordPress sites can leverage Cloudflare's Firewall to block bad actors from ever reaching their site. Here's how.

A few months ago, I noticed my Coywolf News articles were being translated into French and republished by a French news site. I saw it because their versions were competing with my original versions in Google News. I observed that each time an article would be published on my site, minutes later, it would be fully translated and republished with the same images.

I investigated what the French site was doing and discovered that they were hitting my RSS feed every minute looking for newly published articles. When a new article would appear, they would then visit and copy everything from the post, automatically translate the article, and publish it. It was a clever scheme, and one that isn’t new to spammers, but it was troublesome since Google News displayed the posts in their results.

I was able to put a stop to it using Cloudflare’s Firewall. That process inevitably sent me down the rabbit hole of what else I could find and stop with their service, and what I found surprised me. In every case, including the recent site I set up on my home network to test out Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization, I discovered nefarious traffic that was up to no good. This article highlights how to find bad traffic and permanently stop it using Cloudflare’s Firewall.

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