Open Graph Checker: Chrome extension for previewing social sharing metadata

A Chrome browser extension to check if Open Graph metadata exists on a page, and if it does, if it needs to be optimized.

The Open Graph Checker renders and displays the Open Graph image, title, and description if they exist

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About Open Graph Checker

The Open Graph Checker by Coywolf makes it easy to check if a page has essential Open Graph metadata. If a page does have the necessary Open Graph metadata, the extension will display a preview of the image, title, and description. The extension will also report if the image, title, or description are missing.

Social media marketers will find the extension helpful to see how a news article, blog post, or product page will appear on social networks. If they don’t like the image, title, or description, they can update the page and then use Coywolf’s Open Graph Checker to preview the changes. The extension always attempts to retrieve the page’s non-cached version to assist in viewing the most recent changes.

Install Open Graph Checker

The Open Graph Checker extension is available in the Chrome Web Store.

After you add the extension to Chrome, click on the Chrome Extension icon on the toolbar and pin the Open Graph Checker to keep it visible in the toolbar.

Pin Extension
Pinning the extension will keep it visible in the browser toolbar

To use the Open Graph Checker in Incognito mode, click on the Chrome Extensions icon, the kebab menu (aka the vertical ellipsis ), and then Manage Extension.

Manage Extension
Go to the Manage Extension access the option to allow the extension to function in Incognito mode

Toggle on Allow in Incognito. The Open Graph Checker extension will now be available in the private Incognito mode.

Allow in Incognito
Use the toggle to allow the extension to function in Incognito mode

Open Graph Checker FAQ

Why do you only display the image, title, and description?

The most important Open Graph items that are either missing or need to be optimized are the image, title, and description. If you don’t have an Open Graph image and a title is poorly written, links shared on social networks won’t look very appealing.

Missing Open Graph image

Will you consider displaying more Open Graph metadata in the future?

The extension was created to solve a specific need. However, the utility of displaying additional Open Graph metadata for other needs certainly makes sense. It is highly likely that the extension will be updated in the future with more features. Please consider sharing your feedback and feature requests in the contact form below.

Why doesn’t it preview how it will look on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks?

The purpose of this extension is to verify that essential Open Graph metadata exists and is optimized for sharing. Each social network displays Open Graph metadata in a slightly different way, but they’re all mostly the same. Adding previews for each social network needlessly complicates the UX and also requires too much maintenance, as social networks have a tendency to frequently tweak their layouts.

Will this extension be ported to other browsers like Safari?

If the extension becomes well-liked and frequently used, it will likely be ported to other browsers like Safari.

Do you collect any data or know the sites I visit?

No. The extension doesn’t collect or share any information. We don’t even use analytics. Everything is run locally on your computer and we never see a thing. We are big on privacy and follow the Golden Rule of treating others as we would like to be treated. That means 100% complete privacy.

Change Log

Version 0.2 – October 15, 2022

Feedback form

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