How to get into Google News

Google News is one of the best ways to get visibility on Google, increase search visits, and grow a brand. This guide provides a roadmap for how to structure and fully optimize your site for inclusion in Google News.

Google News

Search visits from organic results are decreasing because Google is replacing above-the-fold and first page results with experiences that keep searchers from leaving Google. A recent study showed that less than 50% of searches result in searchers leaving Google to visit a site. Organic traffic is starting to become anemic for many publishers except for one area, in particular, Google News.

Relevant, informative, and timely news is something Google gives prime visibility to in its search results. They have been investing and creating more resources for publishers, and are continually working on new and different ways to promote news content in its results. This trend benefits both Google and publishers.

Google benefits from continuing to be a destination for finding the best and most current news. They also benefit from advertisements on articles. The vast majority of Google News sources include advertising, and the likelihood of those publishers using AdSense and DoubleClick is very high. Ad serving revenue, along with engagement metrics that Google is believed to collect via ad trackers, makes promoting and sending traffic to publishers very lucrative.

Google News benefits publishers by giving them free premium visibility, the potential for significant traffic, and as a result, revenue from ads. For example, if a publisher can get an article to display in the first slots of the Top Stories carousel, and they do it for a high volume search query, it can result in tens or hundreds of thousands of search visits. Another key benefit of being on Google News is that it can help build brand recognition and trust.

Google News inclusion guide

This detailed guide provides a roadmap for how to structure and fully optimize your site for inclusion in Google News. It’s based on a real-life and recent case study and contains some unique methods and tactics that I have yet to see published anywhere else. The site in this case study was also included in Google News the first time it was submitted, so this guide may prove helpful for those who have previously applied but have been rejected.

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