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How to use iconography to inform readers about external links

Appending external links with icons that denote context improves the user experience and can increase high-intent clicks.

External Link Icons

How to leverage Cloudflare and IPFS distributed web to host a free high-availability site

The IPFS distributed web makes it easy to share files across the web from a home computer. Cloudflare can extend IPFS by allowing you to use a custom domain at no cost.

IPFS and Cloudflare

How to protect WordPress with Cloudflare’s Firewall

The popularity of WordPress has made it a frequent target for spammers and hackers. WordPress sites can leverage Cloudflare's Firewall to block bad actors from ever reaching their site. Here's how.

Cloudflare Firewall

Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization makes it possible to self-host high availability WordPress sites from your home

Until now, I would have never recommended to anyone that they should host their WordPress site from their home network, but Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) has changed my mind. Here’s why it’s now a viable option.

WordPress and Cloudflare

How to leverage Cloudflare Stream for high-availability and low-cost video streaming

Cloudflare is best known for protecting and optimizing site performance, but they have a lesser-known scalable video streaming service that is full-featured and affordable.

Cloudflare Stream

Semantic HTML elements that are rarely used but should be

Living Standard HTML (aka HTML 5) has added new elements over the past several years to help fill in content ambiguity gaps for bots and humans. Some of the elements aren’t frequently used but may improve UX, accessibility, and search visibility.

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Coywolf Starter Theme for WordPress

Download Coywolf’s barebones WordPress theme that is mobile-first, uses no JavaScript, and is incredibly fast.

Coywolf Starter Theme for WordPress

Google Webmaster Conference Mountain View 2019 Recap

Google provided rare access to its Search product managers for a small group of webmasters and search engine optimizers in Mountain View, CA. This is a collection of highlights from the event.

Google Webmaster Conference

Should you convert your site or app to a Progressive Web App?

Google appears to be all-in with Progressive Web Apps. There are a lot of good reasons to consider migrating and building PWAs. There are also several reasons not to, which is why PWAs may not become mainstream anytime soon.

Mercury interview with Rusty Mitchell and Kelly Merrell

Coywolf Founder, Jon Henshaw, interviews Rusty Mitchell, VP of Design, and Kelly Merrell, VP of Android Engineering at Mercury Intermedia.

Google’s VisBug extension for Chrome is a web design tool for everyone

Google Chrome Labs created the best browser extension for web design that I've ever seen. It makes some of the most practical and useful features of Chrome Developer Tools easily accessible to everyone.

How to test Gutenberg and update to WordPress 5.0

After much anticipation and trepidation, WordPress 5.0 is here. The most visible change is the new Gutenberg editor, which replaces TinyMCE and also creates new headaches.