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Open Graph Checker: Chrome extension for previewing social sharing metadata

A Chrome browser extension to check if Open Graph metadata exists on a page, and if it does, if it needs to be optimized.

Open Graph Checker

How to create a free URL shortener like Bitly and TinyURL with your own domain

You don't need a commercial service or significant resources to shorten URLs. Learn how to self-host a URL shortener with open-source software and a custom domain on a cheap shared hosting plan.

URL Shortener

The story of Napkinisms

Billy Ivey has spent his career in advertising trying to influence people. Little did he know, his greatest influence would come from sitting down at his kitchen table and writing notes of encouragement for his kids.

A decentralized social network is coming and it’s bringing a big opportunity for marketers and app makers

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, is leading a project that will decentralize our social data. Once realized, it will forever change social media marketing and how we connect online.

How to win enemies and influence no one in social media

In an age of identity politics and divisive rhetoric, it’s become easier than ever to turn off potential customers from your brand. Should you avoid it or embrace it?

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