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Google ❤️ emojis: How to bring more attention to your search snippets 👋

Emojis 😀 are frequently used in social media 🐦, email 📧, and messaging 💬, but not on websites 💻. Google Search’s support for emojis presents an opportunity for publishers to make their search snippets stand out.

Google Emoji

How to add VideoObject Schema structured data to Cloudflare Stream videos in WordPress

Here’s how to create a custom block in WordPress that will add Schema structured data for embedded Cloudflare Stream videos.

Custom Blocks

Core Web Vitals optimization tips from Chrome Dev Summit 2020

Google dedicated several presentations to Core Web Vitals (CWV) at their virtual 2020 Chrome Dev Summit. They provided details on how CWV are scored, the most common issues that affect the scores, and CSS tips and tricks to improve page scores.

Chrome Dev Summit 2020

International SEO: What works and what doesn’t

A lot can go wrong with international SEO, and resources describing how to do it correctly are outdated. I ran a series of tests to find out the best way to optimize sites for multiple languages and locales. The results may surprise you.

International SEO

SEO strategies for audience growth

How to leverage user experience, domain strategy, Google News, and more to improve search engine visibility and increase brand awareness.

Engage 2020 Presentation

How ‘Core Web Vitals’ focus on UX will directly impact the future of site strategy and development

Google created a new standard for websites with the introduction of Core Web Vitals. The new metrics will force sites to address performance and UX issues or risk losing visibility and traffic from Google starting in 2021.

Google Core Web Vitals

The importance of disambiguation for increasing visibility on Google

Eliminating ambiguity in page content can increase Google's confidence in its topic relevance and result in better visibility on Google Search

Rabbit Duck Illusion

How to use ‘content patterns’ to mimic structured data and get list-based featured snippets

Content patterns leverage Google’s ability to parse and structure content without the need for Schema structured data. The result is a better understanding of page content and an increased chance of getting list-based featured snippets.

Content Patterns

The benefits of being a news source in Google News

Google News can provide a significant boost in brand exposure and traffic. Jon Henshaw shares details about Coywolf News and what sites can expect after they get into Google News.

Google News

Getting embed with BERT

How does BERT affect SEO, and is there a way to optimize for it? AJ Kohn provided Coywolf with insights on how SEOs should respond to the latest Google update.


Google News Guide: How to optimize your site and article content to appear in Google News

Google News is one of the best ways to get visibility on Google, increase search visits, and grow a brand. This guide provides a roadmap for how to structure and fully optimize your site for inclusion in Google News.

Google News

Interview with Google’s Ben Morss about AMP

Jon Henshaw interviewed Ben Morss, Developer Advocate at Google, about what AMP is and isn't. The discussion included the origin and purpose of AMP, how it's different from regular web pages, and Google's plans for the future of AMP.

WordPress Performance and Speed Optimization Guide

Over one-third of the websites on the internet use WordPress, and many of them have the same problem, they’re bloated and slow. This guide will show you how to fully optimize your WordPress site for speed.