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QR codes: Why they matter and how to add them to your site

The adoption of native QR code scanning on mobile devices, and the need for touchless communication and transactions, has breathed new life into an oft-ignored technology. Now is an excellent time to consider adding QR codes to web pages, and here’s how to do it.

QR code flow

Embracing the block: Why it’s finally time to switch to Gutenberg

Gutenberg has evolved from a clumsy UX mess into an elegant must use editor. Here’s why you should consider switching to it and how it can help you create better content for both readers and search engines.


How to add Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata and optimize images for social media

Using Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata enhances links when they're shared on social networks, and optimizing Open Graph and Twitter Card images can increase engagement and referral traffic.

Open Graph Reference

How to increase engagement through data visualization

One of the best ways to get visitors to engage with online content is to make it visually appealing. Content marketers typically achieve this by adding images, but gathering and presenting data in the form of interactive charts and tables can have a significant impact on engagement.

Interactive Charts

How to leverage RSS for competitive research and content marketing

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is the forgotten standard that is more relevant today than ever for digital marketers.

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