Interview with Trevor Denton, Product Designer at Quibi

I met with Trevor Denton, Product Designer at Quibi, to discuss his journey working with Starbucks and Snapchat, and the design opportunities and challenges he faced while helping to create Quibi.

Trevor DentonI’ve only met a handful of people in my life where I almost immediately knew they had extraordinary design talent. Sarah Musselman, the designer who created Coywolf’s branding, is one of them, and Trevor Denton is another.

I worked with Trevor very briefly at Raven, until a once-in-a-lifetime job offer was given to him. While it was disappointing to lose him, I was genuinely excited for him and knew he would go far.

In the past several years, Trevor has gone far. The dream job he left Raven for was with Starbucks, where he got to work on their mobile app. He then joined Snap to become a part of the Snapchat design team. Now he’s started a new adventure at the startup media company Quibi.

Trevor and I recently caught up, and he discussed what it was like working for Starbucks and Snap, and how he and the product team approached designing the Quibi app.

The full interview covers:

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