Paul Jarvis interview

Coywolf Founder, Jon Henshaw, interviews the author of Company of One, Paul Jarvis.

Paul JarvisPaul Jarvis is not your typical entrepreneur. Similar to Jason Fried, Founder of Basecamp, and Joel Gascoigne, Co-founder of Buffer, he advocates for an atypical approach to running a business. In his new book, Company of One, he posits that growing a company for growth’s sake has significant downsides and remaining a company of one is better for your health and profitability.

I was particularly drawn to his book because I became burned out after running my own company for over a decade. I sold it in 2017 and have never looked back. Since then, I haven’t lost my entrepreneurial drive, but the idea of having employees and business partners again makes me cringe. After reading Paul’s book, not only did a company of one seem doable, it seemed ideal.

The interview I had with him was insightful and full of wisdom. The main topics we discussed were:

I owe a special thank you to my friend Kaleigh Moore, a freelance writer and writing coach, for connecting me with Paul. Together, they run Creative Class, an online course designed to help freelancers learn how to run their business better.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Paul as much I enjoyed talking with him.

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