The unconventional business of online life coaching

Leadership and life coaching aren’t new, but there’s been a steady increase in people entering the space online. I wanted to learn what was driving its growth and I was surprised by the answers I found.

According to Wikipedia, the term coaching originated in 1830 and is identified by a process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be. 160 years later, coaches began to develop standards through the creation of professional organizations like the Association for Coaching, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the International Association of Coaching, and the International Coach Federation. From that point on, coaching has grown exponentially in popularity, with and without the oversight of professional organizations.

Life coaching, in particular, has become a big business. If you search for life coaches on Google, you’ll see a lot of results for coaches in your local area. For the searches I did, the majority of life coaches I saw were psychotherapists that had either rebranded themselves or expanded their list of services to get more clients. However, psychotherapists hardly own or control life coaching. Nobody does.

There are plenty of life coaches without a counseling or psychology degree that promotes their Life Coaching Certification. Certification doesn’t mean much though because anyone can offer one or get one. For example, Udemy sells a $9.99 Life Coaching Certification.

Cheap Life Coaching Certification
Udemy offering a Life Coaching Certification for $9.99.

Within the last few years, a new breed of life coaches has appeared, and they’re doing most of their work online. They come from diverse backgrounds, don’t belong to any professional coaching associations or care about certifications, use labels that don’t always include the word life or coach, and seem to be less concerned about making money and more concerned about changing lives.

3 online life coaches – 3 Similar stories

To learn more about online life coaching, I reached out to the three people who, unbeknownst to them, are the reasons I became interested in this topic. They all have significant experience in digital marketing and have decided to enter the online coaching space.

I spoke with Selena Vidya, President of Orthris and a Creative Consultant, Pam Lund, Founder of That Pam Chick, Inc., and Kristopher B. Jones, Founder and CEO of Special Guest App.

Life Coaches
From left to right: Selena Vidya, Pam Lund, and Kris Jones/

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