Interview with Drew Strojny, Founder of Memberful

I spoke to Drew Strojny, Founder of Memberful, and we discussed his journey from playing in the NFL to creating the popular membership service for WordPress. Drew also shared details about being acquired by Patreon, and what people can expect next from Memberful.

Drew StrojnyDrew Strojny is the Founder of Memberful. Memberful is a subscription service that tightly integrates with WordPress and also works with ESPs, Forums, and E-Learning platforms. Drew created Memberful because he couldn’t find a good solution for his WordPress theme business, The Theme Foundry.

Memberful has become a popular choice for publishers that want to add memberships to their WordPress sites. The service manages all subscriptions, uses Stripe for payments, and hides WordPress posts from visitors that aren’t members. Memberful has become so successful that Patreon recently acquired them.

I’ve used Memberful for several years, and it’s also the membership software I chose for Coywolf Pro. I reached out to Drew to find out more about him, Memberful, and what the Patreon acquisition means for the future of the service.

We discussed the following topics:

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