App Journal: Finding a developer and the importance of a good consulting agreement

Jon Henshaw shares his experience of making an app for Coywolf. In the first entry of an ongoing series, Jon describes finding the right developer and why it's important to have a good consulting agreement.

Many agencies and entrepreneurs consider making their own software but they rarely follow through with it. Sometimes it’s because they don’t feel like they have the time or money to pull it off, while other times they believe the risks outweigh the rewards. Whatever the reasons, I want to prove to you that a company of one can do it.

The App Journal series will chronicle my experiences creating an app for Coywolf. The entries will be near real-time because I will be writing and publishing what I experience soon after it happens. I want you to come along with me in this journey so you can see what it really takes to make an app and to realize you’re capable of taking the same leap.

Table of Contents

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