How to create a custom automated RSS email newsletter with Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor supports the ability to automatically create and send email newsletters based on Really Simple Syndication. This guide provides a walkthrough for creating a custom RSS-compatible template.

RSS Email Message

Creating an automated email newsletter based on a site’s RSS feed is an excellent way to drive repeat traffic. It also makes it easy for recipients to forward and share with colleagues for even more exposure.

This guide shows you how to create and customize an email newsletter on Campaign Monitor that automatically sends the latest posts to an email list’s recipients. The reason I focused on Campaign Monitor is because that’s the Email Service Provider (ESP) that Coywolf uses and prefers. However, other popular ESPs like MailChimp also support RSS to email.

Additionally, if you’re an agency and you’re looking for an easy-to-use and robust RSS to email solution for your clients, I recommend checking out Tidings. Tidings creates attractive automated email newsletters that also incorporate social posts from Facebook and Instagram.

Table of Contents

  1. Create an RSS-compatible email template
  2. Create automated RSS email newsletter
    1. Add RSS feed
    2. Specify send frequency
    3. Import RSS-compatible template
    4. Test email newsletter
  3. Confirmation of RSS newsletter being sent

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