The triumphant return of email newsletters

Amongst the social network and RSS feeds and site and app push notifications, email newsletters refuse to go away. Every time we see a new medium for consuming information, we are quick to abandon newsletters, hoping we’ve found its predecessor. But we keep coming back to it, and it’s always there waiting to take us back in, waiting for us to re-subscribe.


Email newsletters appear to be back in a big way in 2020. Brands, agencies, and influencers have begun to embrace them like never before. SimilarWeb reports that Substack, a platform for subscription-based newsletters, is experiencing exponential growth in 2020. Terry Godier, Founder of Panoply, told Coywolf that “Substack is the new Medium.”

Substack site growth

Marketers are also leveraging newsletters as a way to get around tighter budgets and increasing ad rates. David Mihm, Founder of Tidings, told Coywolf that “Facebook and Instagram are constricting organic visibility well under 1% for brands, but open rates and click rates on email have remained steady over the past decade at around 21% and 2.5% respectively.” Mihm added, “For many small businesses, these have even increased during COVID. Email remains the channel through which the majority of customers prefer to hear from local businesses and even brands.”

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