How to increase engagement through data visualization

One of the best ways to get visitors to engage with online content is to make it visually appealing. Content marketers typically achieve this by adding images, but gathering and presenting data in the form of interactive charts and tables can have a significant impact on engagement.

Many content marketers primarily focus on writing and optimizing article copy for search engines, but they give little attention to how visitors will experience their content. As a result, their content may receive a significant amount of search traffic, but experience low engagement and a high bounce rate. Content marketers need to focus on producing content that will not only get visitors to their site but will also keep them there. One way marketers attempt to increase session duration is by adding a compelling image at the beginning of articles. However, the effect the image has on overall engagement is minimal. Even with an image, about 40% of readers will leave by the time they reach the end of the third paragraph. 👋

The importance of including imagery

There’s a reason why adding an image to the beginning of an article can slightly increase engagement, and that’s because human beings are visual creatures. Consider these facts:

Those reasons are why utilizing imagery throughout an article can help maintain the attention of readers.

Using data visualization for increased engagement

Images can help with engagement, but data visualizations via the use of charts, graphs, and tables can further stimulate a reader’s interest. That’s because data visualizations are more interesting to look at and can offer more context than just pictures and text. Data visualizations also give the impression that a significant amount of time and research has gone into the creation of the content. Psychologically, it impresses upon the reader that the content is probably worth reading and sharing with others. This article provides methods and resources for data gathering. It also covers the best data visualization options for creating and publishing graphs, charts, tables, lists, code, infographics, and documents for increased engagement.

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