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Coywolf publishes digital marketing insights and resources on SEO, Social, Content, Productivity, and Entrepreneurship. Full access to premium content and features are available via membership.

Coywolf provides insights and information via this website for dominating in the fields of marketing and entrepreneurship. Subscribe today to fully enjoy this website and the digital, audio, and video content we provide. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback about the site.

Why Coywolf was created

Founder of Coywolf, Jon Henshaw, explains why Coywolf was created

Origin of name

Coywolves are wolf-like coyotes whose ancestors crossbred with wolves. They are highly intelligent and masters at adapting to new surroundings. Coywolves are the perfect symbol for digital marketers who adapt and dominate in a constantly evolving environment.

Coywolf is about always staying one step ahead of your competition. The site is built around focus, learning, and removing distractions. There are no advertisements, sidebars, annoying modal windows, or other useless features.

Revenue model

The site has a mixture of free and premium content. Premium content is only accessible by members and membership is the main source of revenue. A secondary source of revenue may come from products and services that we love and use, and also happen to have an affiliate relationship with.