About Coywolf Pro

Jon HenshawJon Henshaw, an industry veteran with over 25 years of digital marketing and internet technologies experience, created Coywolf Pro.

Jon co-founded Raven Tools, a popular digital marketing SaaS company used by thousands of agencies and professionals, and sold it to TapClicks in 2017. He has also worked with Fortune 500 companies throughout his career and currently does SEO for Vimeo, an all-in-one video platform for creators and businesses.

Jon uses his knowledge, experience, and curiosity to research, analyze, and share what you should be focusing on now.

Coywolf Pro is an island oasis of intelligent and actionable content amidst a cookie-cutter firehose of digital hype.

Timely articles with actionable insights

Coywolf Pro tracks and analyzes webmaster, site performance, and SEO trends and then distills those insights based on those findings. Readers benefit from being informed about the latest and most important details concerning Core Web Vitals, Schema.org structured data, Google search results, WordPress updates, Cloudflare optimizations, and much more.

Coywolf goes down the rabbit holes so I don’t have to. Jon has a great analytical mind and ability to dissect the finer details of this industry’s quandaries.

Guides and exclusive downloads

The Coywolf Pro guides include detailed how-tos that show you how to optimize site performance, content, and more. Coywolf Pro also provides a free download of the Coywolf Starter Theme for WordPress, making your site ready for Google’s Core Web Vitals out of the box.

The valuable content cuts through the noise and gets straight to the relevant information I need to stay current – on both technical and webmaster-focused topics as well as marketing trends.

What others are saying about Coywolf Pro

From all the topics I’ve read and interacted with via Coywolf Pro, I’ve always come out learning something new. Jon goes out of his way to share exclusive and valuable materials with the community.

If you have been working in the SEO industry for several years and are looking for higher-level thinking and concept connections, you need to read Coywolf Pro.

Few SEOs in the world have Jon’s depth of experience and even fewer are willing to share real tactics publicly…which is exactly why you should read Coywolf Pro.

The content and emails that Jon creates for Coywolf Pro are refreshing because they bring new perspectives and topics beyond the typical content within our industry.

Coywolf Pro is a phenomenal source of information for business leaders and professionals and is an unbeatable source of inspiration and insight.

Coywolf Pro has become a primary resource for me to keep up to date on the things that matter in digital marketing. The tutorials are outstanding, and the news content is timely and informative.

Coywolf Pro consistently wows me with above-the-board, actionable content that’s a rarity in the marketing world.

The primary goal for Coywolf Pro is to provide timely insights and resources to help people grow their sites and increase visibility, traffic, and conversions. If you’re interested in optimizing site performance, learning about new technologies, and generally being more productive, you will love Coywolf Pro.