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Interview with Fabric Co-founder Ryan Bartley and CEO Faisal Masud

I met with Fabric Co-founder Ryan Bartley and CEO Faisal Masud to discuss commerce challenges, how they're attempting to solve those problems, and what we can expect from ecommerce in the future.

Ryan Bartley and Faisal Masud

Core Web Vitals optimization tips from Chrome Dev Summit 2020

Google dedicated several presentations to Core Web Vitals (CWV) at their virtual 2020 Chrome Dev Summit. They provided details on how CWV are scored, the most common issues that affect the scores, and CSS tips and tricks to improve page scores.

Chrome Dev Summit 2020

How to protect WordPress with Cloudflare’s Firewall

The popularity of WordPress has made it a frequent target for spammers and hackers. WordPress sites can leverage Cloudflare's Firewall to block bad actors from ever reaching their site. Here's how.

Cloudflare Firewall

Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization makes it possible to self-host high availability WordPress sites from your home

Until now, I would have never recommended to anyone that they should host their WordPress site from their home network, but Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) has changed my mind. Here’s why it’s now a viable option.

WordPress and Cloudflare

Getting ‘Passages’ to rank on Google will likely require deduction and granularity

Google has begun to extrapolate, analyze, and return content fragments from pages relevant to a query that are not equally applicable to the page topic. Here’s what you need to know about it and whether or not you can optimize for it.

Google Passages

International SEO: What works and what doesn’t

A lot can go wrong with international SEO, and resources describing how to do it correctly are outdated. I ran a series of tests to find out the best way to optimize sites for multiple languages and locales. The results may surprise you.

International SEO

The triumphant return of email newsletters

Amongst the social network and RSS feeds and site and app push notifications, email newsletters refuse to go away. Every time we see a new medium for consuming information, we are quick to abandon newsletters, hoping we’ve found its predecessor. But we keep coming back to it, and it’s always there waiting to take us back in, waiting for us to re-subscribe.


How to leverage Cloudflare Stream for high-availability and low-cost video streaming

Cloudflare is best known for protecting and optimizing site performance, but they have a lesser-known scalable video streaming service that is full-featured and affordable.

Cloudflare Stream

SEO strategies for audience growth

How to leverage user experience, domain strategy, Google News, and more to improve search engine visibility and increase brand awareness.

Engage 2020 Presentation

How ‘Core Web Vitals’ focus on UX will directly impact the future of site strategy and development

Google created a new standard for websites with the introduction of Core Web Vitals. The new metrics will force sites to address performance and UX issues or risk losing visibility and traffic from Google starting in 2021.

Google Core Web Vitals

The importance of disambiguation for increasing visibility on Google

Eliminating ambiguity in page content can increase Google's confidence in its topic relevance and result in better visibility on Google Search

Rabbit Duck Illusion

Interview with Trevor Denton, Product Designer at Quibi

I met with Trevor Denton, Product Designer at Quibi, to discuss his journey working with Starbucks and Snapchat, and the design opportunities and challenges he faced while helping to create Quibi.

Trevor Denton Interview

Embracing the block: Why it’s finally time to switch to Gutenberg

Gutenberg has evolved from a clumsy UX mess into an elegant must use editor. Here’s why you should consider switching to it and how it can help you create better content for both readers and search engines.


How to use ‘content patterns’ to mimic structured data and get list-based featured snippets

Content patterns leverage Google’s ability to parse and structure content without the need for Schema structured data. The result is a better understanding of page content and an increased chance of getting list-based featured snippets.

Content Patterns

The benefits of being a news source in Google News

Google News can provide a significant boost in brand exposure and traffic. Jon Henshaw shares details about Coywolf News and what sites can expect after they get into Google News.

Google News

How to add Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata and optimize images for social media

Using Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata enhances links when they're shared on social networks, and optimizing Open Graph and Twitter Card images can increase engagement and referral traffic.

Download Reference

How to increase engagement through data visualization

One of the best ways to get visitors to engage with online content is to make it visually appealing. Content marketers typically achieve this by adding images, but gathering and presenting data in the form of interactive charts and tables can have a significant impact on engagement.

Interactive Charts

Semantic HTML elements that are rarely used but should be

Living Standard HTML (aka HTML 5) has added new elements over the past several years to help fill in content ambiguity gaps for bots and humans. Some of the elements aren’t frequently used but may improve UX, accessibility, and search visibility.

Webmaster Insights

How to create a custom automated RSS email newsletter with Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor supports the ability to automatically create and send email newsletters based on Really Simple Syndication. This guide provides a walkthrough for creating a custom RSS-compatible template.

RSS to Email

Coywolf Starter Theme for WordPress

Download Coywolf’s barebones WordPress theme that is mobile-first, uses no JavaScript, and is incredibly fast.

Coywolf Starter Theme for WordPress